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Street Art in Lagos, Portugal: PHOTO TOUR

If you want to tour Portugal's street art in-person, Travel Garden can help with flights, lodging, rental cars (I had a great time road tripping in Portugal), and tours! Click here to get started. Lagos is known for its breathtaking coastline and vibrant nightlife, but it's worth visiting for its street art alone. This fishing town in the Algarve has a wealth of it, which is largely thanks to LAC (Laboratorio de Actividades Criativas). A cultural organization located in Lagos' former prison, LAC brings artists from all over the word to do residencies through their program ARTURb (Artistas Unidos em Residencia). The program was started in 2011, and a quick walk around Lagos illustrates its success.

Snails by Belgian artist Roa in Lagos, Portugal

Snails by Belgian artist Roa. They look stunning with the pink blossoms spilling over the wall. It's located next to the Garden and the Tavern - which are both great places to grab a drink while you're in Lagos!

Flamingo, also by Roa, located near the fire station in Lagos.

Stencil by Berlin-based artist Alias. Alias' thought-provoking style is immediately recognizable, and he is known for choosing locations that make a statement. I love how the unfinished wood of the door adds depth to this image.

The placement of this Alias stencil in a pile of rubble is a powerful visual.

Another stencil by Alias in Lagos' old town.

Some jokester drew a penis on this poor ghost-child's face. Still some rad art, though.

Old man with glasses. I love this piece but couldn't figure out the artist. Anyone know?

"HUNT" by Swiss artists Wes21 and Onur. Located on the wall of the Garden, next to Roa's snails.

Close-up of HUNT


Haunting mural by artist Borondo. Found just outside the old city wall.


I'm fascinated by how this piece by Borando incorporates the roots of the tree into the face.

I love this cosmic stencil by artist C215, painted on an electrical box.

Mural by Portuguese artist Paulo Arraiano (Photo from LAC website)

Mural by street artist Irwin

Mural by street artist Irwin

Mural by Argentinian artist Bosoletti, known for his poetic murals. Located near LAC gallery.


Another piece by Bosoletti.

"Meeting the God" Mural by Betz, half of the Polish street art duo Etam Cru. Near the Lagos Cultural Center

Frog by artist Sainer, the other half of the Polish duo Etam Cru. Near the LAC gallery.

Mural by Portuguese artist Pantonio and Polish artist Sainer (of Etam Cru). Pantonio is known for his black and blue style.

Fox by German artist Mr. Woodland. Near LAC Gallery.

"What Goes Around Comes Around" Mural by Polish artist Sepe

I loved the look of this funky old car parked by Sepe's mural

It made for a solid photo-shoot setup.

I see a blossoming car model career.

Old man by Frederico Draw. The detail in this is stunning.

"Tempus Fugit" by Spanish muralist Aryz. Carpe diem.

Mural by artists Addfuel and Samina. The color and style compliments the white buildings and Azulejos (traditional tile-work) all over Lagos.

This interesting work by artist MAR is directly above the Addfuel and Samina mural

MAR's mural was visible from my balcony while I lived in Lagos.

Bonus urban art picture: urban knitting

Street art makes your average walk around far more interesting. Beyond enhancing the beauty of daily life, street art makes you think, feel, and laugh. It makes art accessible, and bridges cultures with aesthetics and messages of social justice. Exploring street art is one of my favorite travel activities, so it was a joy discovering new pieces all the time while I lived in Lagos.

Check out this great map of street art pieces from the ARTURb Artist in Residency program!



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