• Cassie Hintz

Travel Garden's Guide to Sevilla

Sevilla is a city that feels like home even though I’ve never lived there. The first time I went was with my family when they came to see me during my study abroad program in Spain, and I fell in love with it. Luckily I had the chance to visit many more times when my partner Austin moved there to teach English for a year while I was living in a different part of Spain (Bilbao) and then Portugal (Lagos). As the third largest city in Spain and the capital of Andalucía, Sevilla has a lot to offer without the sometimes overwhelming crowds of Madrid and Barcelona. There's no shortage of things to do, see, and eat in Sevilla. Here are some of my favorites.

Admire Plaza de España

Plaza de España is my favorite tourist attraction in Sevilla because it's gorgeous and it's free. Also known as "the Venice of Sevilla", it's a large, semi-circular plaza in a garden setting. It's surrounded by impressive buildings inspired by a variety of architectural styles (Moorish, Renaissance, Baroque, Art-Deco).

Plaza de España, Seville, Spain

The perimeter of the buildings feature 48 alcoves for the 48 provinces of Spain, each decorated with colorful azulejos (painted ceramic tiles) with maps and other images to represent their respective provinces.

Plaza de España, Seville, Spain

I studied in the province of Murcia, so I took a picture with the Murcia bench during my first visit to Sevilla and another on my second trip a couple of years later

The buildings are accessible by crossing a moat on one of four bridges representing the four kingdoms of Spain. You can also spend 45 minutes rowing a boat around the canal for only 5 euros.

This stunning landmark has a cinematic history as well. It was featured as the city of Theed on the planet Naboo in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, and in other films such as Lawrence of Arabia.

Naboo in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

Plaza de España as Naboo in Star Wars Episode II

Drink a caña en La Alameda

La Alameda de Hércules is a large plaza bordered with an eclectic combination of student bars, traditional restaurants, and craft breweries. Named for the the towering sculptures of the mythic hero guarding it, La Alameda is popular with Sevillanos of all ages. It's the best place in Sevilla to have una caña (a small beer) and people watch.

Maquila is a hipster brewery next to the plaza that has some excellent craft beers and tapas. For cocktails, Gigante is a good option. Los Leones is a classic casual Spanish spot in the middle of La Alameda, and if you're looking for a nice place to get a coffee, check out